The concrete Intellectual Output will be to create and present learning, teaching and training activities to be used in a new Transdisciplinary Arts Module. The output will give insight into the development phase and experiments made, present a practical perspective to the creative learning, teaching and training approaches to be used by teachers and students within the transnational field of performing arts, theatre, opera, music, fine art and design, as well as providing theoretical insight into the theme.

The aim for this cross-cutting Transdisciplinary Arts Module is to explore the artist's, educational and societal need for innovation, new directions in art and new ways of communicating with an audience. The institutions of this partnership educates artists on master level in different fields such as performing arts, theatre, opera, music, fine art and design. In this interdisciplinary cross-art setting all participants will through this module expand, improve and enhance their community of practice, professional development and employability.