Hanzehogeschool Groningen

Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (Hanzehogeschool Groningen)

Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (Hanze UAG) is a university of applied sciences. It focuses on ‘delivering’ graduates able to function well in their future work environment – concerning skills and knowledge related to their (future) profession as such, as well as personal and communicative skills necessary to work at higher professional levels in general. Hanze UAG has about 26.000 students and offers four year bachelor courses and an increasing number of master courses covering almost all sectors of Dutch education in applied sciences: Economics and Management, Communication and Information, Engineering and Technology, Social Studies, Health Studies, Education, Sports Studies, Fine Art and Design, Dance and Music.

The education of Hanze UAG is organized in 18 schools. Two of these schools are Minerva Art Academy and Prince Claus Conservatoire.

Prince Clause Conservatoire (PCC) has offered the NAIP (New Audiences and Innovative Practice) from the very start. Within this Strategic Partnership PCC disseminates the knowledge and experience of the research group Lifelong Learning in Music with the other participating organizations. The group consisting of teachers/researchers from the PCC and international experts, conducts research in the realm of New Audiences and Innovative Practice. Its outcome can be used for the curriculum development and teachers’ professional development.

Minerva Art Academy – Frank Mohr Institute offers an international Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design. This Master of Arts has two study programmes: Painting and MADtech – Media, Art, Design & Technology, each consisting of a two-year curriculum. Both study programmes have their own distinct focus, either in the field of painting or in the technologically mediated relationship with society. The MADtech study programme is about media performers, artists and designers doing strange and unexpected things with technology. To imagine, interpret and change human interaction with a transforming world you will use and artistically explore hybrid technologies.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences
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For general information, send an e-mail to: info@org.hanze.nl

Annica Doornbos, BAD project coordinator: a.c.doornbos@pl.hanze.nl